Compare moped & scooter breakdown cover

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Compare Moped & Scooter Breakdown Cover

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Breakdown cover is not a qualifying product; however, compare prices now and find the right cover for you.

Why compare scooter breakdown cover with us?

Breakdown cover for your scooter

If you own a scooter, you probably love zipping in to work on it, so it's really important to insure it adequately. But have you taken out comprehensive breakdown cover too?  Standing in the rain by the side of a busy road with a broken down scooter is no fun, so having scooter breakdown cover could make quite a difference. 

Are you already covered?

If your scooter is new you may have motorcycle breakdown cover as part of your warranty, or your motorcycle insurance may include it in your policy. So have a look at both and if you're unsure, give your provider a call. If you find you’re not already covered, you could include it as an add-on to your insurance policy, or the other option is to take out a standalone policy. 

Cover you or your bike?

There are two options for motorcycle recovery:

  • Personal cover – the cover is attached to you, not the bike so you'll benefit from motorbike recovery no matter what bike you are riding.
  • Vehicle cover – the cover is attached to your scooter for motorcycle breakdown.

What level of bike breakdown cover?

There are five levels of cover depending on your needs:

Roadside assistance – the mechanic will try to mend your scooter at the side of the road. If  they can't they'll take it to a suitable local garage.

Roadside recovery – here, your scooter will be recovered to your chosen destination anywhere in the UK. Although it’s probably best to double check your policy cover to see if there are any exceptions to breakdown locations.

Onward travel – This type of scooter breakdown cover will ensure you can continue you with your journey if your scooter needs some serious work. They'll sort out alternative transport and possibly accommodation.

At home – This type of cover will mean you can call assistance from home or sometimes within a certain radius of your home but it’s probably best to check your policy to see exactly where you’re covered. Useful too if your scooter won’t start.

EU cover – If you're likely to travel around Europe then this cover will assist you if you breakdown anywhere in the EU.

Get the right cover for you at the right price

  • It's true, there's a lot to think about when choosing the right scooter breakdown cover. The more comprehensive the cover, the more it is likely to cost, but with that cost comes the reassurance that you can travel where you like on your scooter and if you get into trouble, you're just a phone call away from assistance.

  • We can make the process a whole lot easier by helping you compare motorcycle breakdown cover Start a quote and tell us a bit of information about you, your bike and what kind of cover you’ll need.
  • Once we have all that information, we'll come back with a list of breakdown policies we’ve found that suit your needs. Our easy to read results page will summarise the main points of each policy and will filter them according to the kind of cover you want. You can of course go back and change the different levels of cover so you can compare easily. 
  • Once you’ve chosen a policy that suits you, ensure you’ve checked all the details before making your final purchase. You’re ready to hit the road!

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