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Business broadband is not a qualifying product; however, compare prices now and find the right cover for you.

Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the difference between business broadband and home broadband?
  • Is business broadband more expensive than standard broadband?
  • What types of business broadband are available?
  • What do I need to start comparing business broadband deals?

What’s the difference between business broadband and home broadband?

Business broadband packages offer features specifically designed for business customers. These include prioritised customer support, faster upload speeds, static IP addresses and better security. Let’s look at these in more detail:  

Customer support 
Your broadband connection going down could cause serious interruption to your business and make a dent in your profits. Business broadband services can offer you front-of-the-queue, 24-hour customer support to get you up and running again – fast.  

Guaranteed service 
Look for a business broadband provider that offers a service level agreement (SLA). This will guarantee what you can expect in terms of fixing problems within a certain amount of time, connection speeds and minimising downtime. If these guarantees aren’t met, you may be able to get compensation.  

A static IP address 
An IP address is the code that identifies your computer when it goes online. With a home broadband package, this is dynamic – that is, it changes each time you log on. With a business broadband package it stays the same. But why does that matter? It’s because a static IP address allows you to do lots of things, like run CCTV, or a server or a host a website. It can also help minimise downtime – so for many businesses it can be an essential.  

Better security 
If you’re running a business, you’ll probably need a higher level of internet security to protect both your company and your customers. Business broadband security will help shield you against cyber security threats like malware, viruses and trojans, as well as attacks by hackers.  

Faster speeds 
Business broadband services tend to offer faster upload speeds than standard broadband services. Plus speeds should be faster because there will be fewer people using the line at the same time as you.    

Phone capability 
Your business broadband package can allow you to make calls over the internet, as well as run large phone systems.   

More powerful hardware 
As your business grows, you may find that your standard router is unable to cope with an increased number of computers and devices. Business broadband packages typically offer more powerful, more secure routers. 

Is business broadband more expensive than standard broadband?

The answer is typically yes. The additional features and services that business broadband packages offer come at a price, but they may be essential for the running of your business.  

What types of business broadband are available?

  • ADSL: A basic business ADSL line could be enough for a small business. ADSL uses the same line that provides your landline phone service. ADSL broadband is available to more than 99% of the UK population.  
  • Fibre: This option is much faster than ADSL and uses underground cables made of plastic or glass. Fibre can be ideal for business, but it’s not available everywhere. 

What do I need to start comparing business broadband deals?

As with all types of broadband, the business broadband packages and speeds you’ll be able to access depend on where you’re based. To start comparing, just give us your business’s postcode.

We’ll lay out the options in a simple table, making it easy to compare cost, speed and contract length so you can choose the best broadband offer for your business. Start comparing business broadband now.