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Single Trip Business Insurance

As you’d probably guess, a single trip business insurance policy covers you for a one off business trip either in the UK or abroad.


Single Trip Business Insurance

If you work for a larger firm, the chances are they’ll have comprehensive travel insurance in place, though you may want to check what’s covered. If however, you work for a smaller firm, work for yourself, or you don’t typically travel with work, you might need to put some cover in place.

Prices for a single trip policy for 7 days can be found for less than £10. It’s worth noting though that cover for a year can often be arranged for not a huge amount more so consider how often you’ll really travel before buying your travel policy.

Cover levels can vary significantly too, so check the policy details.

Single Trip Business Insurance

What does it cover me for?

  • Medical Cover

Depending on where in the world you’re heading, cover for emergency and medical services could be very important.  Medical cover of £10 million is normal for cover of this type. Be sure to check policy wording and also to disclose any existing conditions to your insurer.

Some policies will also offer emergency dental cover so check the policy details if that’s important to you.

  • Cancellation or curtailment

Take out your policy as soon as you book your trip as this cover comes into effect immediately. If your travel is cancelled you should contact your airline for compensation on cancellation issues in the first instance. Your policy will cover you for losses up to a limit if your trip is cancelled or cut short, usually for one of the following reasons:

- The death, injury, or illness, disease, of you, travelling companion, person you’re staying with, or a close relative.

- Jury service demands

- Redundancy

- You’re also a member of emergency or armed forces and called up

- The police request you to stay at home for emergency reasons

what does single trip business insurance cover me for?


Single trip business travel insurance

  • Delays and Missed connections or departures

Often this cover is excluded from the basic single trip insurance policies. Given you may have business meetings and appointments, this could be important. Cover for these eventualities is available, but you will have to pay more premium to get that additional level of cover.

  • Baggage and Money

Cover for your possessions when on your business trip is vital. You’ll find that cover for your baggage, accidental loss or theft of money and travel documents including passports, visas and driving licence is included in your policy.

Again though, check the policy inclusions for limits and any exclusions. The basic policies will typically have low single article limits and lower total limits overall compared to more comprehensive policies.

These days there are a huge number of travel insurance options available, allowing you to find the perfect blend of the cover you seek at the right price.

Comparing couldn’t be easier, simply visit our comparison tool and find the best policy for you.


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