Surgery insurance quotes

Surgery insurance quotes

Let's compare surgery insurance

There are so many different types of surgeries out there... doctors, dentists, vets and therapists are just some of the typical ones. Whatever your surgery is used for, its main purpose is the same – to provide a valuable service to people or animals. You’ll need somewhere for patients and their companions to sit and wait to be seen, and then attend an appointment. The tools of your trade are you, your building and its contents, so it’s got to be worth protecting them.

Surgery insurance could give you peace of mind that your business is well protected against the unexpected. 

Protect People

By their very nature, surgeries can have a constant flow of traffic coming in and out all day, every day. That makes people vulnerable to accidents and incidents on your property.

Something as simple as someone tripping over your threshold has the potential to cost you hundreds or thousands of pounds, should there be an injury and a claim. 

But the good news is that surgery insurance comes with Public Liability Insurance which could cover you against any such claims being made against the surgery. 

Protect Property

As we said earlier, unlike tradesmen who don't necessarily have a place of work, your building and the items in it are vital to your business. So if you own it, you'll need to insure the building.

Your surgery will obviously have office furniture, filing systems and technology which would be expensive to replace if something happened to them. Contents cover will insure you against theft and damage. Most policies will allow you to insure computers, treatment equipment and all the other high tech gadgetry you have onsite. 

Employers’ Liability Cover

Presumably you're not a sole trader and you have people working for you or under your instruction. If so, by law you must have employers’ liability insurance. It’s there to cover you if an employee becomes injured or falls ill because of something you have done or neglected to do as an employer. Once you have a policy in place, remember that you need to keep up to date with health and safety at work regulations; otherwise you may not be covered.

Let us help you in your search for surgery insurance. We know that every surgery is different, so to find the right policy for yours, complete the online call back form and we'll get back to you. Our experts will explain everything and find you the best cover for your surgery.

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