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Get 2 for 1 cinema tickets with MEERKAT MOVIES*


Save up to £282 on your car insurance***

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Compare cheap car insurance quotes

Comparing car insurance isn’t exactly fun, but we think it should be simple. Whether you’re looking to beat your current provider’s renewal quote or you’re looking to insure a new vehicle, our simple and easy to use comparison service can save you time and help you find a cheaper car insurance deal. The numbers speak for themselves - you could save up to £289***.


Whatever your needs; Whether that be fully comprehensive insurance, third party cover or something more specialised we can help. Maybe you’re looking for a policy which includes black box insurance (don’t worry we will explain), covers young drivers or is specially designed for over 50s. Just click and get started. Simple.

***Based on online independent research by Consumer Intelligence from 1 August 2017 to 31 August 2017.
Frequently thought questions

We do appreciate that questions about comparing car insurance prices are a little too boring to be asked, but they can be thought.

So we’ve compiled the following simple answers to questions frequently thought, about finding the cheapest quote when comparing car insurance.

What is car insurance?

Car insurance can provide you with cover if you’re involved in a car accident. It’s also a legal requirement, so if you own and drive a car, you’ll need it – no ifs, buts or maybes about it. If you’re caught without it, then you could be fined £300 and given six penalty points. If you end up in court, then you could face an unlimited fine and even be disqualified from driving. So, the golden rule of motoring: if you own a car – insure it.

What does car insurance cover?

It’s there to cover the cost of injury and damage to property, people or animals if your car is involved in an accident. Whether you’ll receive compensation for damages to you and your vehicle depends on the type of car insurance policy you have. Not all policies will be the same so make sure you read the small print and are happy with any exclusions – because it’s a bit late to find out about them after the event. 

What types of car insurance are there?

There are three types of car insurance policy to choose from:

- Third party only – this is the minimum legal requirement. It only covers the cost of compensating other people for injury or damage done by you. It doesn’t provide you with any financial help for injury or repairs to your vehicle.
- Third party, fire and theft – this covers the cost of damage or injury to third parties but it will also give you compensation if your car is damaged due to fire or theft or if it is stolen.
- Comprehensive – as the name suggests, this will cover you for third party, fire and theft as well as damage caused to your vehicle. It could also include compensation for a number of things such as: medical treatment, legal expenses and accidental damage.

It’s also worth knowing that the typical car insurance policy lasts for 12 months and will need to be renewed each year. Your insurance might automatically renew when it’s about to expire, so remember to come back to to get the deal that’s right for you.

What car insurance is the best?

The best car insurance for you will depend on you and your circumstances, for example, a telematics policy might be ideal if you’re a young driver; but the financial benefits decrease for older drivers. However, it’s not just important to think about how, where and what you drive, consider your budget realistically and choose your policy type carefully. You might think a third party only policy is the cheapest option but weigh up all the pros and cons – you might be surprised at which offers better value. Of course, the only way to really know what’s best, is to compare – which you can do right here (lucky you) so, for all your car insurance needs – simples. 

What details do I need to get a car insurance quote?

When you search for car insurance quotes, you’ll be asked all sorts of questions about you and your car – things like the car’s make, model and age, as well as details of your age, where you live, and the type of job you do. You’ll also be asked about how you use the car – whether or not you commute to work in it, use it for business purposes or just for pleasure. You should also know how many years of no claims discount you have (you’ll also need proof of this if you’re switching insurance provider). Be prepared to answer questions about your driving history too, and be honest about any driving convictions you have – if you don’t tell up front then you could end up invalidating your policy. 

How to get cheap car insurance

There are ways and means of getting cheaper car insurance (without doing anything dodgy) such as: 


Choose your car wisely - not all cars are created equal and some are cheaper to insure than others.


Increase your voluntary excess - but make sure you can still afford to pay the full excess.


Invest in security - whether that's parking off-road or buying an approved alarm.


Add a named driver - adding an experienced driver to your policy could lower the cost, but don’t fall into the trap of fronting where you put a more experienced driver as the main policy holder and add another person as a named driver, when actually the named driver will be doing most of the driving. It’s illegal so don’t do it!


Avoid modifications - they’re not all bad but always think twice about giving your car a facelift.


No claims discount - keep building your NCD to get a better deal on your premium.


Telematics - if you’re a young driver consider a black box policy and it could lower your premium.


Don’t go mad on optional extras - only buy what you need, international cover might sound great but hardly worth it if you only drive to the shops and back.


Be an expert - taking extra courses such as the Pass Plus will show you’re a safe driver and it could shave some pounds off your premium depending on your insurance provider.


Compare - where else but at, we’ve got more than 100 trusted partners to choose from.

How much does car insurance cost?

Ultimately car insurance costs are down to your unique circumstances, but the one thing that we can all be certain about – is that car insurance prices are rising. The table below shows the average price by quarter for the last year.^^

But that’s not the only way to measure whether or not you’re getting a good deal. At, we use something called the ‘insurance savings variable’. The variable is the difference between the ‘cheapest’ and the ‘average’ premium available and it can give you an idea of how much you could save. In short, the bigger the percentage, the bigger the potential savings – so make sure you do your homework and always compare prices. Have a look at our Premium Drivers report to see where we’re up to at the moment.



Average premium across all ages

Q3 2017


Q2 2017


Q1 2017


Q4 2016


Q3 2016


Q2 2016


Q1 2016



^^ Based on Premium Drivers report (September 2017):

Is it cheaper to pay car insurance annually or monthly?

If you can, buying an annual car insurance policy is cheaper than paying by monthly instalments. Paying by month just means you’ll be coughing up for extra admin charges and you might also be charged interest. Just make sure you can afford to do so. 

Why compare car insurance with

We aim to make it simple. From first time drivers to over 50s, from Fords to Ferraris we help find the right car insurance policy for you.


As a customer you could save up to £289***, plus if you buy car insurance through us you can get MEERKAT MOVIES which gives you 2 for 1 cinema tickets* every week for a whole year.


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Car Insurance Providers

We compare over 100 of the UK’s car insurance providers to help you get the best possible quote. With our hub, you can review the details of individual car insurance providers’ policies. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive, third party or third party, fire and theft, we are confident one of these motor insurance providers will suit you.

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Car insurance group checker

Did you know that there are 50 car insurance groups? Your car is in one of them, and in general, the higher the group, the higher your car insurance premium is likely to be.

If you’re just curious about what group your car’s in or you’re looking to buy a new car and want to check out the group before laying down the cash, then our car insurance group checker is here to help. Just input a few details about your own or a prospective car, and we can tell you what group it’s in.

Why not have a look now?

A simples guide to car insurance

Types of cover