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How to get a great deal on your business gas

Whether you’re a cafe or restaurant that needs to keep the pans boiling, a landlord or hotel who needs to keep the boiler going or a shop or office that needs to keep your staff warm, gas can be central to your bottom line. It’s all very well keeping your public liability and professional indemnity up to date, but if you haven’t got a great gas deal, you could be throwing money away. 

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Let's compare business gas

Who doesn't want to save money for their business? Well, looking at your business energy costs is a great place to start.

If you’re looking for a better deal for your business gas, it doesn't matter if your company is large or small, we can help you compare business gas prices to make sure you’re on the right tariff for your business.

We make it easy to consider which gas contract is suitable for your business needs, shop around and compare offers. We search a range of energy suppliers in the UK market for prices to try and save you money. You could save pounds!

How do I compare business gas providers?

We’ve taken on the laborious task of trawling through different offers for business energy (including green energy) so that you don’t have to.

We’ll show you a range of suppliers and tariffs in your area, in order of annual savings. Just click on the green button above to start a quote. 

We just need a few details from you and then we can show you offers suitable for your business. Just click through and view our quotes to see if you can reduce your business energy costs.

The two different types of commercial gas tariffs are fixed term and variable. Fixed term deals are usually for a set amount of time and guarantee the energy rate you pay in that period. So you’re protected against increases in gas costs. But don’t forget that if gas prices fall, you won’t see any of the benefit.

Variable tariffs are usually rolling contracts with no end date. The rate you pay could go up or down depending on the energy market – so think carefully about whether this suits your needs.

What happens once I switch?

First off, you won't have any disruption to your gas supply. The only change for you will be on the price of your gas bill. You also don’t need to do anything other than sign up with the new supplier. They’ll let your previous provider know and manage the switching process for you.

There’s a small chance that your current gas supplier might object though. Examples include being in debt to your supplier. You may have to pay off the debt before you can switch or you might be able to transfer your debt to the new supplier. If your current contract has not yet run out, your supplier may charge an exit fee to release you from your contract. Check your contract before you switch to avoid any surprises. 

What’s green energy?

These days there’s much more emphasis on looking after the resources on our planet. There are greener options with business gas supply as well. Some providers promise not to obtain gas by fracking, a technique that involves drilling very deeply near shoreline gas reserves. Fracking is frowned upon by some environmentalists.

There are also moves for other providers to produce natural gas using clever processes like Anaerobic Digesters. These break down renewables such as plant matter or animal waste and capture the gas this produces. As these developments are pretty new, green gas suppliers might not be available in every area in the country, so check when you run your quote.

But more and more business gas providers are choosing to source part of their energy by natural means. Some suppliers also offer other green policies, like paperless billing, or promising to support forest preservation.

We’ll help you choose a green energy solution for your business gas. You can select green energy in the form on the first page of our quote journey. Or, to see how green gas stacks up against the usual tariffs, when you reach the price comparison page, refine your results by ticking the ‘green’ box under ‘tariff types’.

You’ll be pleased how easy it is to search and save.


Let’s compare business gas


We’ve taken the hassle out of comparing gas prices. If you can provide us with a few simple pieces of information about your company and your current gas usage, we can do the rest.


We’ll compare how much you’re paying against other gas tariffs on the market and show you what you could be paying instead. It’s really very simple. Compare business gas prices today at