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Dual Fuel Energy

Dual fuel energy refers to using the same supplier for the provision of your gas and electricity.

Why switch to dual fuel supply?

  • Dual fuel deals could save you money. Some energy providers offer a dual fuel discount. The amount of discount does vary with some being relatively small in the context of your overall bill. You shouldn’t assume that by getting your gas and electricity from the same supplier, you are getting the best deal. You may still need to shop around for the best prices.
  • Convenience. It’s hard to argue that in terms of convenience, one supplier is better than two. One bill. One direct debit. One point of contact. One telephone call should anything go wrong. 
Dual fuel energy

Is it easy to switch?

Yes. Switching energy suppliers is straight forward these days. The first thing you should do is compare energy prices to find the right deals for you. Once you have found the best deal, it really is just a case of applying to switch.

There’s no complicated paperwork involved and the process will take place without any interruption to your supply. Why not have a look at the average switching times for some of the major suppliers?

Do note; however, that if you’re on a fixed term deal, there may be early cancellation charges involved with switching before the end of the term. Details of any penalty payments can be found on your bill or by contacting your current supplier.

The benefits of switching

Did you know that in March 2016, the average saving for someone switching energy suppliers was more than £370, no matter where in the country you live?

The two most popular tariffs, Scottish Power’s Online Fixed Price and Co-Op’s Online deal accounted for over 20% of switches and saved customers £430 and £489 each on average.

Some tariffs such as EDF’s Blue+Price Promise and Ovo’s Better Energy both saved new customers over £700 on average.

Customers aged between 50 and 64 were the most likely to switch, and also the biggest savers on average. Nearly 24% of switches involved customers in this age range, and they saved on average £523 each.

As you can see, there can be some serious savings to be made by switching energy suppliers. Whether you want a specific dual energy arrangement or simply the cheapest provider for both your gas and electricity, we can help.

Comparing energy prices is really very simple. To see what you could save find out now

benefits of switching energy providers