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Switching suppliers

As you may be aware, in recent years the government has been trying to encourage people to switch energy supplier – mainly because many households could be spending too much! Many households stand to gain £439 or more on average by switching your energy supplier.

A lot of people have never switched. Are you one of them? Maybe you’re not sure how, or think it’s too much hassle. Perhaps you find it too boring? Could extra cash in your pocket from the savings you could make change your mind?

So if you’re looking to switch read on, we’ll talk you through what to do.

Before Switching Supplier

Check whether your current energy supplier will charge you an “exit fee” to leave – it should say on your energy bill. It may still be worth your while to switch energy supplier, even if you are charged an exit fee, depending on how much you’ll save from switching. It’s easy to work out the saving – we’ll help you with this when you compare energy prices on our comparison page.

There are a couple of possible snags though. You’ll need to check if you can switch if you owe your current supplier money. If you settle any debts you’ll then be free to switch, or ask if you can carry your debt over to your new supplier. If you’re a tenant you shouldn’t have a problem switching supplier if you pay your energy bills directly to the supplier. If you pay your landlord for energy though, it will be up to them to switch suppliers.

How do I switch?

It’s easier than you might think. Just click above and enter a few details and bingo! You’ll get a list of energy deals available in your area, starting with the cheapest.

You could also download our Snapt app and scan the QR code on your bill to get a list of deals based on your actual usage.

Will this take long?

Switching supplier shouldn’t take long. It can take as little as 17 days and most can be completed within 21 days. All of the same pipes and wires are used whoever is providing your energy so there’s no disruption to you at home. In fact, you probably won’t even notice when the switch has taken place. Take a look at our Switching Times page to find out the standard times for some of the main suppliers.

Do take a meter reading on the day your energy is due to be switched over. This will ensure you are not charged twice.

Things to consider

It’s often cheaper to get a ‘dual fuel’ deal, meaning you get both your gas and electricity from the same supplier.

Once you have decided to switch there is a two-week 'cooling off' period. This means you’re allowed to change your mind during this time and decide to stop the switch process.

You can switch gas or switch electricity as much as you like, but remember to check whether there’s an exit fee. Also it’s worth bearing in mind that when you apply for a new deal many suppliers will do a credit check on you.

Tariff types

There are different energy tariff options available. Fixed tariffs ‘fix’ the rate you are charged for your energy for an agreed period of time. You will only be charged that fixed rate for the energy you use, for an agreed period. Note that the cost of your bills will still vary depending how much energy you use.

fixed tariff is good if you’re worried about prices going up and increasing your bills. But it also means you won’t benefit if energy price drop.

If you choose a standard tariff, you’re not tied to certain period. So you can switch supplier or tariff whenever you like, without any restrictions. The name of this type of tariff may vary between suppliers so look out for both standard and variable tariffs as these can both refer to the same thing!

Standard tariffs are often more expensive than fixed tariffs, so if you struggle to budget be wary of prices going up as well as down. Weigh up the benefits of having an idea of how much your monthly energy will be for a year or two.

Keep on saving

The good news is that even when you’ve switched you can still save more money. Using less energy and being more energy efficient is kinder to the planet and reduces your energy bills. It's probably easier than you think! Just have a look at our energy saving tips page; there are lots of simple things you can try to bring your energy bills down.

Whatever you decide works best for your energy needs, let us help you to compare prices and tariffs to make the switch.