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Why use our life insurance calculator?

Use our life insurance calculator to work out how much cover you might need to make sure that your loved ones are looked after if something was to happen to you.


Before purchasing your life policy it is important to consider how much cover you will need, by taking into account all your financial commitments and future expenditures such as children’s education or funeral costs and expenses.

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Life insurance is a good thing. It might feel a bit morbid, but take heart in the knowledge that your decision should help to ensure the financial security of the people you care about most.


Young, fit…and insured?


The younger and healthier you are, the lower you can expect your premiums to be as you’re less likely to pass away during the term of your life policy. You can find out more in our age vs premium guide.


But it’s not just about age; some life insurance providers want to see you mature like a good cheese and with these providers the best premiums can be found for those who take care of themselves.  


How much cover do I need?


Over-insuring and taking out more cover than you need will mean you fork out for higher than necessary premiums, while under-insuring means you may not take out enough cover and if the worst should happen there might not be enough money to meet your family’s everyday needs. So in connection with LifeSearch we’ve devised a life insurance calculator – it’ll help you focus on the important questions so you can work out the cover you need.


We’ll ask you things like how much of your mortgage is still left to pay and whether you’ve got any other large debts. Also think about the everyday bits and bobs that your dependents might need, like childcare costs, school and university fees.


Our calculator isn’t the all-seeing oracle – it’s about helping you estimate a figure. You’ll need to give or take based on your own circumstances. If it’s all getting a bit heavy, you can find out more about life insurance, otherwise let’s get calculating shall we?

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