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You want to leave your family with more than just happy memories. You want to know that they’re financially stable should the worst happen. An over 60s life insurance policy can help to make sure that money worries don’t add to the grief of your loved ones. In this article, we will be discussing everything that you need to know about life insurance for over 60s and how you can pick the policy that is right for you and your family.

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What are over 60s life insurance UK policies?

Life insurance for over 60s is designed to protect the financial future of your loved ones when you pass away. If you have had the policy for more than one year, then your next of kin could receive a cash sum when you die. Designed with people over 60 in mind, these policies are often affordable and simple to apply for.

It’s rare to see life insurance for over 60s advertised, it’s usually communicated as over 50s life insurance. However, there are policies that are tailored specifically to people over 60 years old. The money received by your family can then go towards bills, a holiday, or even your funeral costs.

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How do over 60s life insurance policies work?

No two insurers are the same. Some companies will expect you to fill out a medical questionnaire before taking out life insurance for over 60s. Other companies will accept anybody, as long as they fall within a specified age range. 

Typically, as long as you have held the policy for at least a year, your family will receive a cash lump sum when you die. Some insurers offer a fixed amount while others base the payout on how much you have paid into the policy.

Insurance providers sometimes offer added incentives, typically funeral planning, accident payments, and even age limits (whereby if you hit the limit, you no longer have to pay premiums but will still be covered for life).

While there are no hard and fast rules as to how much cover you may take out, three factors are generally taken into consideration:

- Your age

- Whether or not you smoke

- Your monthly premium

Age is the primary barrier to entry for over 60s life insurance in the UK. As we explained above, you’re unlikely to see over 60s insurance advertised on TV. It’s normally marketed as over 50s life insurance. Many policies can actually be taken out as long as you’re over 50 and some can also be more tailored to people over 60. Again, this depends on the life insurance provider, but it is well worth looking at the various age ranges offered by policies.

As with any over 60s life insurance policy, whether you smoke or not will mean different things to different insurers. Some may not insure smokers at all while others will simply charge a higher premium, or offer a lower cash sum when your policy is claimed against.

Your monthly premium is dependent on the answers you provide in your medical questionnaire (if there is one), how much you wish to pay, and any additional policy benefits that you have opted into. It’s important to take out a policy with a premium that you’re sure that you can afford for the rest of your life as failure to pay could terminate your policy.

How to find the right over 60s life insurance for you

You can compare life insurance providers for over 60s in the UK with us and help to secure your family’s financial future.

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