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With the general population living longer, financial companies have begun to realise that more and more over 70s need to prepare for the inevitable.

At one time it was difficult to find an insurer that would offer a policy to somebody over 70. Fortunately, that has changed. In this article, we’ll look at the intricacies of finding life insurance for over 70s.

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Do you need a medical assessment for over 70s life insurance policies?

As with any insurance product, no two underwriters have the same requirements. Whether life insurance for over 70s will require a medical depends on the policy, the insurance company, and even the age of the applicant.

You will often find that over 70s life insurance in the UK does require more detailed information than would be asked of a younger applicant. Existing health conditions, lifestyle questions, and such can be expected with almost any life insurance policy. 

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Medical assessment for over 70s life insurance policies?

Some life insurance for over 70s applicants may find that they are welcomed onto an over 50s life insurance policy, some won’t. There are plenty of insurers which provide policies for people between the ages of 50-80, with no medical required. If this is the case, then you’d simply have to answer any questions related to your lifestyle and health. You could get yourself covered almost immediately.

You have numerous options regarding over 70s life insurance. By comparing the various policies offered and the prerequisites of different underwriters, you can find the policy that best suits your needs. Your health, your lifestyle, and your family history can all play a part in the cover that you can receive.

Remember that failure to disclose any relevant information when applying for your policy could invalidate your policy – and that means that your insurer might not pay out.

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What does over 70s life insurance cover?

Each policy has its own terms and conditions. Some even have optional benefits that may not be found elsewhere. In general, though, life insurance for over 70s is designed to provide your loved ones with peace of mind after you pass away. As long as you’ve had your policy for longer than a specified period, your insurer will pay out a lump sum when you die.

This lump sum can then be used for a variety of things from paying off credit card debts, to funeral costs, covering unexpected bills or even just to provide them with financial support when you’re not around.  Some insurers, such as RIAS, even offer insurance policies that will protect your pets after you pass away. Every year, beloved pets are left homeless when their owner dies. By taking out a policy, you can ensure that your cat or dog receives the care they need when you’re gone. A policy that is designed around making sure your pets are cared for can also help with re-homing, too. Your furry friends deserve the best, after all.

How can you find the best over 70s life insurance in the UK?

Getting the best value is about sourcing the opportunities available to you, which could be time consuming to do manually. Our powerful comparison service lets you compare the policies and premiums offered by some of the UK’s most popular life insurance providers. Find a life insurance policy that suits your needs today, and get the peace of mind that you and your loved ones deserve.

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