Dog Insurance Snapshot

If your dog is your best friend, it’s always a good idea to consider pet insurance. But how much could it cost? Did you know that the Inuit is the most expensive breed to insure, with an average premium of £778? Or that Molly tops the poll for the most popular dog name in 2016? Our Dog Insurance Snapshot reveals all.

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Sam Grant

Head of Pet Insurance

If you’re lucky enough to get a dog, the subsequent cost of insuring your new companion could be an unwelcome shock, particularly if you have one of the less common breeds. For example, the average cost of insuring an Inuit is £778 per year. The average cost across all types of pet cover, and all breeds of dogs is significantly lower but, at £187, will inevitably surprise some new owners. Taking the time to find a cheap deal that suits your needs is worthwhile. For new pets, it is also important to consider what type of cover you think you will need, be it accident only, lifetime, max benefit or time limited cover.

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