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Compare business travel insurance

If you travel abroad on business, it’s a good idea to have business travel insurance. If it’s a one-off trip you’ve got planned, then single trip travel insurance is for you. But if you travel regularly – or even just more than once a year – it could work out cheaper to buy annual travel insurance. If you’re employed by a large company, however, you could well be covered by its own travel insurance, so check before you set off if you're not sure

Frequently thought questions

Why do I need business travel insurance?

If you’re travelling abroad with business, the last thing you want is the inconvenience of dealing with a lost laptop or a cancelled flight. And that’s where business travel insurance can help. As well as offering cover typically included in a standard travel insurance policy, it offers additional cover aimed at people who travel for business purposes.

What does business travel insurance cover?

Business travel insurance could include all or some of the following:

Business equipment and personal belongings - This could include your laptop, tablet, computer and smartphone. All essential if you’re travelling on business.

Extra travel expenses - This may cover you if you miss any flights, either on your outward or homeward journey.

Replacement colleague cover - This could cover some or all of the expense if you’re unable to attend a particular event or an important meeting, and a colleague has to be sent in your place.

Business money - You may need to take large sums of money with you if you’re travelling with business. This could cover you if it’s lost or stolen.

Cover for UK trips - Not all of your business trips will be overseas. This could cover you should you encounter problems within the UK.

Sports equipment cover - Business isn’t always all about work and no play. This could offer cover for golf clubs if you’re intending to tee off while you’re away.

Remember to check the policy details before you buy any business travel insurance, as cover levels may be different among insurance providers.

What else does business travel insurance cover?

Business travellers will also benefit from much of the cover included in a standard travel insurance policy. Such as:

Medical treatment abroad - Typically, this can include emergency medical treatment costs to cover hospital charges and ambulance fees. It could also cover the transport costs of returning home after medical treatment abroad, if you can’t use your original ticket.

Cancellation and curtailment - This can offer cover if you have to cancel or cut short your trip.

Baggage and belongings - Offers cover if your luggage or personal possessions are lost, damaged or stolen.

How can I compare business insurance travel quotes?

Comparing business travel insurance couldn’t be easier. Just click on the start a quote button, answer a few simple questions and select the business option, and we’ll you show you a range of insurance quotes that suit your needs.

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