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Only customers get 2 for 1 cinema tickets with MEERKAT MOVIES*

Only customers get 2 for 1 cinema tickets with MEERKAT MOVIES*

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Compare business travel insurance

If you work for a large company, you will often be covered by its own travel insurance, so you might not need to worry. But it could be worth checking and finding out the details of what to do if something does happen.


On the other hand, if you’re self-employed or run your own business, it might be sensible to buy your own travel policy. If you’re only away once you can choose single trip travel insurance. If you go away twice or more every year, it could work out cheaper to buy annual travel insurance.

Frequently thought questions

Most people know a bit about travel insurance for holidays: that it’s essential to have to protect you if things go wrong when you’re far from home.


But what happens if you need to travel to another country for business, or you’re on a trip that’s combining business and pleasure?

Why would I need travel insurance cover?

The idea behind a travel policy is to cover you for cost of medical treatment abroad – which in some countries could run into thousands of pounds. It could also pay for you to be transported home in an emergency.


Policies do vary from insurer to insurer, but usually they include emergency medical treatment costs to cover things like hospital charges and ambulance fees. They could get you home after medical treatment abroad, if you can’t use your original ticket. Often you’ll be covered for the costs of a friend or relative staying with you during treatment, or travelling out from home to join you if needed.


Your insurance can also cover you for the loss of theft of your baggage and possessions, or refund you if the trip is cancelled or cut short for some reason.


The good news is that many insurers cover business travel as standard within their policies, although some might not cover you if you are doing manual work overseas.


So how much will it cost you to buy your insurance? Well, It depends on a few things, so to find out more, do a quick travel insurance comparison.

Where are you going?

To compare travel insurance you first need to decide if your policy needs to cover you for the UK, or for Europe, or the USA, Canada and Caribbean. You’ll need extra cover if you’re going to the USA, Canada or Caribbean, and if you’re going further than that we’ll ask you to name the countries as part of our quote journey.


Some people think that they don’t need travel insurance if they have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If you’re travelling and need medical treatment, in many European countries the EHIC means you can get treatment just like people who live in that country. However, it will be on the basis you get taken to a public not private hospital. In the event of an emergency you will be taken to the nearest hospital.


But the EHIC isn’t a substitute for travel cover – it wouldn’t get you home or pay for other costs linked to your emergency. And outside the EU of course there’s no EHIC, so it can be more expensive again to get medical support. They are also date-specific, so check the expiry on your card before you travel. Be aware too, that not all European countries recognise the EHIC. Also some policies will waive the excess you may have if you have an EHIC card.


By the way, your travel insurance won’t cover you if you are travelling to a country that the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) doesn’t consider to be safe. If you’re not sure, check the FCO website.

Who are you taking?

Your insurance could just be for you, or you could buy it as a couple, a family or a group – especially if you are combining a business trip with a holiday. If you’re including other people, you’ll need their dates of birth and details of any medical conditions they might have, to get an accurate quote.

What will you be doing?

If you’re going skiing or snowboarding, or taking a cruise not all policies will cover you. With winter sports there’s more risk of injury, while cruises need specific elements like cover for being confined to your cabin, or an emergency airlift to hospital.


If you’re travelling on business, perhaps not every general policy will cover you. We’ll ask you about these elements as part of our quote information. If you choose the business option, only policies that do cover you for business will be shown.

Fit and healthy?

If you have a health condition, insurers often assume it means you‘re more likely to need medical help while you’re away. Because of this, some conditions could make your insurance more costly but this isn’t always the case with all conditions.


It’s important to list any medical conditions you might have and give insurers all the information they need because, if not, you might be charged more by your insurer or not be covered. If your insurer realises that the medical emergency on your trip was linked to a condition you already had, they could refuse to pay your bills or add a cost.


That’s why, to get you a list of quotes, we’ll ask you some questions about your health and get you to add in the names of any medical conditions.

Compare and save!

Now you’ll get a page full of travel insurance quotes, in price order so that the cheapest travel insurance at the top. 


You can also see all the main details of each policy – how well it’s rated by Defaqto, the amounts of medical, baggage and cancellation cover and what excess you would pay if you claim. You can filter your results, too. To find out more about what is and isn’t included in the policies, click each one for more details.


Once you have found a travel insurance quote that suits you, click the button to go through and buy. But do make sure you read all the details. We hope that your business trip is a great success and you never need to claim, but you should make sure you have the right cover, just in case.

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