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Compare travel insurance for Europe

Europe offers an almost endless list of travel possibilities. From the beaches of Greece and Spain, to cities such as Rome and Paris. From Iceland, the land of the midnight sun, to the canals of Amsterdam and the fjords in Norway. All very different but one thing in common…. Maybe not top of your exciting list of things to do, but if you’re a sensible traveler it is important you make essential travel insurance arrangements before your trip.

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Is travel insurance essential for Europe?

Well we think so, yes.  No matter how free spirited you are or how steady and safe you think your trip is, most people would tell you that getting the right travel insurance makes a lot of sense.

Flights get cancelled, luggage gets lost and cameras unfortunately do get stolen. If any of this does happen, you’ll be glad you have your travel insurance to fall back on. But above all, falling ill can happen to anyone at any time and having reassurance that you are covered whilst away from home, may just be one less thing to worry about in the event the worst happens.

Above all else, insurance gives you some peace of mind while you’re on your trip.

Nobody would ever go on holiday expecting the worst and nor should they! However, it pays to think what could go wrong and the consequences if uninsured.

This doesn’t mean buying just any old policy however. You need to look at what you’re going to be doing and make sure your policy fits the bill. Look at limits and options you’re given to make sure they’re reasonable for your itinerary. 

Compare travel insurance for Europe

What should European travel insurance cover?

Emergency medical coverage in the event that you become ill or have an accident is one of the most important features. This isn’t because this is any more likely than it is at home but different countries have different health services and not all are free.

Read the small print carefully to see exactly what is covered. Pre-existing medical conditions must be declared to avoid invalidating your policy in the event of a claim. Once declared, the provider will advise you if they will cover this condition or if there will be an exclusion. If you have a heart condition or terminal illness, in a few cases you may need to provide additional information before you can be offered a policy.

If you’re embarking on an activity based holiday such as skiing make sure you get the relevant add on to ensure you’re covered.

While we’re talking medical coverage, a word or two on the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC.) An EHIC gives you the right to access state-provided healthcare across Europe at a reduced cost, or sometimes for free.

It will cover immediate an emergency state-funded treatment until your planned return home to the UK. It also covers the treatment of pre-existing medical conditions and routine maternity care. However you will not be covered if you’re taken to a private hospital in the event of an emergency.

Remember though, the EHIC is not an alternative to getting travel insurance. It won’t cover any private medical care, or costs such as mountain rescues or being flown home. It’s also not valid on cruises.

It could be useful to get an EHIC though as many insurers will waive the excess if you have one.

What else should it cover?

  • Belongings

Check how your luggage is covered in case of theft or damage. Make sure individual limits are sufficient to cover valuables such as your laptop or camera.

  • Travel issues

Cancelled flights, missed flights, delays to flights, your bag is delayed. These things do unfortunately happen and your travel policy will cover you.

  • Personal Liability

If you were to cause injury to others on your trip you might be sued for damages. Personal liability claims can be expensive and you will usually find that the limit on the policy is £1m or more.

Europe has some amazing destinations to explore. For peace of mind on your trip we can help you compare the best travel insurance deals around. 

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