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Travel insurance for visiting Mexico

When you’re venturing as far away from home as Mexico, you’ll want to be prepared. Planning your holidays should be about deciding what to see when you get there, choosing your hotel and contemplating whether to just sit in the sun or do something a little more active.

There’s one thing we know you won’t want to be doing as part of your planning process – and that’s spending ages choosing your Mexico travel insurance. This is where we can help you – just tell us when you’re going and we’ll do the searching for you, because at comparethemarket.com that’s exactly what we do.

Do I need travel insurance for Mexico?

Always make sure you have travel and medical insurance when you go abroad. We know – why bother, you’re on holiday, the sun’s shining and the world seems like a good place.

But you know, sometimes things can go a little pear shaped and it’s worth knowing you’ve got back up. Buying your travel insurance for Mexico beforehand will also mean you’ll have more options than if you’re forced to choose on the hop. 

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What should I think about when choosing travel insurance to Mexico?

Mexico’s far away, about 5,300 miles far away to be more precise, so you’ll probably want to broaden your horizons a bit and make the most of what Mexico has to offer; bear that in mind when you choose your insurance. Some activities are considered riskier than others so if you’re planning on diving, horse riding, surfing or even caving, which are all popular activities in Mexico, double-check that your insurer covers you should anything go wrong.

Something else you might want to think about is whether your insurer will expect you to pay any medical costs upfront. If you are expected to foot the bill in the first instance, make sure you keep all paperwork so that you can claim it back later. Be sure to choose a policy that also pays for ambulances and emergency flights back home (better to be safe than sorry).

How much is your smartphone worth and could you afford to cough up if it’s lost or stolen? Making sure your insurance covers the cost of replacing all your belongings sounds overly dramatic but suitcases have been known to end up in places where you’re not.

Plus, you’ll also need to consider what might happen if (for whatever, genuine reason) you can’t go to Mexico, or even what might happen if your holiday provider can’t fulfil their obligations? Making sure your Mexico travel insurance covers all these ‘what ifs’ should give you peace of mind. Cancellation cover can be invaluable ahead of your holiday so make sure the policy you choose covers the actual cost of your trip should it be cancelled for reasons outside of your control. Cancellation cover starts when you take the policy out so you should consider taking out insurance when you book your holiday as you want cancellation cover at the earliest opportunity.

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What else do I need to think about if I’m going to Mexico?

Apart from leaving enough room in your suitcase to bring back the obligatory comedy sombrero, there shouldn’t be too much to trouble yourself about; nearly half a million Brits travelled to Mexico in 2014 without any hassle.

Like many other holiday destinations, it’s advised that you only drink bottled water and avoid ice in your drink. One thing you may not realise about arriving in Mexico, is that you might experience some altitude sickness but with some sensible precautions you should soon acclimatise.

But here are some more top travel tips for happy holidays Mexican-style:

Visa: If you’re visiting as a tourist then you won’t need a visa but you will need a ‘tourist card’. You can get this when you arrive in Mexico and sometimes on the flight there. Keep hold of your tourist card, because you’ll need it to leave, a replacement will cost you. You’ll also need to make sure your passport is valid for as long as your stay.

Currency: The currency is the Mexican Pesos (M$).

Vaccines: You should see your doctor at least one month before you travel just to double-check you’re fit to travel. You might also be advised to have the following vaccines: Hepatitis A and Tetanus, these are usually both free on the NHS.

Language: Spanish is the official language. Some English may be spoken but it’s worth having a few Spanish phrases up your sleeve.

Tipping: Tipping is much appreciated as typical wages for hotel staff in particular are very low (about M$96 per day which is just under £4). In restaurants tipping is usually about 10-15% of the total bill (unless of course service is included). Hotel staff such as cleaners do appreciate tips but they’re optional so it’s up to you. Porters on the other hand do expect tips, around M$50 to M$100. Taxi drivers don’t expect anything unless they’ve done something above and beyond.

Now that we’ve given you the lowdown, it’s time to start on the nitty gritty – which we can also help you with, just because we’re kind like that. So why not start your comparison now for the best Mexico travel insurance policy that suits you. And then sit back and enjoy that Caribbean sun! Adios Amigos!

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