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Comparing sports travel insurance

Whether you’re into skiing, cycling, golf, snowboarding or tennis, there’s nothing like pairing your hobby with a holiday. And whether you need single trip or a multi-trip policy, it’s essential you get the right travel insurance, just in case.

What’s covered by sports travel insurance?

The level of cover offered by travel insurance for sports will be detailed in your policy document. Standard travel insurance can cover lower-risk activities but doesn’t typically offer cover for injuries caused by extreme or adventure sports, or for the cost of lost, stolen or broken sports equipment.

You may need to call your insurance provider and arrange additional cover for your trip. Alternatively, you could shop around for a standalone policy from a specialist provider.

How long should my travel insurance cover me for?

If you’re planning to go away on at least two trips involving a sporting activity in the next 12 months, you might want to consider an annual policy. If not, single trip travel insurance could be better.

Don’t forget that travel insurance won’t just cover you while you're away, it might also cover you for trip delays or cancellations. Therefore it’s always best to arrange travel insurance as soon as you book your trip.

And remember, if you're going away for more than 60 consecutive days, it’s unlikely a standard travel insurance policy will cover you. If this is the case, backpacker insurance with additional cover for sports might be more appropriate.

Which insurance type is best for skiing or snowboarding?

For skiing and snowboarding trips, you might want to look for a policy that offers special cover for winter sports. This type of insurance could offer cover if you injure yourself during these activities, along with any damage done to your equipment.

Mountain biking, rugby and rock climbing are also examples of sports that aren’t usually covered by a standard policy (but be sure to check what’s in your policy, as each provider’s cover will differ).

What else should I be aware of?

If you’re considering sports travel insurance, it’s always advisable to check your policy if there’s something specific you’re intending to try. For example, you might be covered for cycling but this may not extend to include a trip that’s a dedicated cycling tour.

If you have a medical condition, you need to tell your insurance provider about it. While a medical condition could mean that your premium may cost you a little more, not declaring it could invalidate your entire policy.

How can I find great-value travel insurance?

There are lots of types of sports travel cover for you to compare. And not just for you – we’ve got great deals for the whole family. So, why not be a good sport and start your travel insurance comparison today.

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