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Does my van insurance cover tools?

Van insurance policies are in many ways similar to car insurance policies. You’ll need to answer very similar questions about the value of the van, your annual mileage and where you live for example.

Similarly vans, just like cars have their own insurance groups which take into account the size, weight, power and average repair costs. You’ll also have the choice between a third party, third party fire and theft or a comprehensive insurance policy in exactly the same way as you would with car insurance.

However, if your van is for business rather than personal use, it’s likely that the contents of your van will be an important consideration.

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Why do you need to consider separate insurance for your tools?

Unfortunately, van insurance will not typically cover any tools as standard that are damaged in the back of the vehicle during an accident or if your van is stolen.

If you’re employed in a certain trade, your tools are very likely to be vitally important to your business. In some cases, it could even be said that they are your business. If they’re damaged or stolen, yes it would be an inconvenience, but it’s going to be much more than that. You may be unable to carry out any business and this could cause difficulties for you and your family.

Does my van insurance cover tools?

Insurance cover for tools

You’ll be pleased to know that you can get insurance protection for your tools and other contents, either as an add on to your van cover or as a separate insurance cover. Such cover will protect you against damage due to accident or theft of your equipment and tools that are attributed to your business. Again though, not all tool insurance is the same.

Be mindful that some policies don’t cover your tools if left in a van overnight. This might be useful, should you unload all of your tools at night and lock them somewhere safe and secure, but this may not always practical.

With that in mind, you might want to consider changing your policy to include overnight cover. This will typically cover your tools even if they are kept in the van overnight or if the van is left unattended outside of a locked garage or compound.

Be aware that even if you have this level of cover, insurers will typically apply additional security features on your policy on this level of cover, such as expecting that you have all doors and windows locked, that you haven’t left your keys in the van and that if you have an alarm, it is working properly.

Alternative types of cover for your tools

Insurance for your tools and equipment can also be obtained outside of your van insurance policy.

Some insurers offer cover for tools as an optional extra on other types of policy:

  • Public liability insurance policies.

These policies can provide similar cover, covering your tools against damage as well as theft. The advantage of public liability insurance is that it may also cover you for damage caused by you or another employee while using your tools for either professional or personal use.

  • Tradesman insurance

Specialist tradesman insurance cover could help protect you and your business against a number of different risks. They can be tailored to cover public liability, professional indemnity, buildings cover, and stock, as well as your tools and equipment.

Things to consider

So to conclude, insuring your tools and equipment is likely to be essential and there are a few different ways of doing it - extending your van cover is one of these ways.

  • All businesses are different. That means the level of cover that you require could be very different from what another business needs. If you look at any form of standard policy, read the terms and conditions really carefully to make sure you have adequate cover.
  • It might be a good idea to talk your policy through with your insurance provider. That way you can make sure you’re properly covered and also fully understand any exceptions that might exist.
  • Finally, insurance is a competitive business. It could pay off to shop around for your cover so don’t jump at the first quote you receive. As a business, you may be able to buy more than one type of policy at once and get a better deal as a result.
What are the best methods of insuring tools and equipment in a van?

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Good luck finding the cover that you and your business need. Use our van insurance comparison service  to find the right policy for you. Alternatively check out our information on business insurance here. 

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