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Compare Citroen Van Insurance

Whether you need a van for your business or simply for use at home, Citroen have options that might fit the bill. For a bit of background about choosing a Citroen van and finding the right Citroen van insurance to go with it, read on...

What types of Citroen van are there?

Of all the different makes and models out there, choosing which Citroen van is right for you, really depends on what you’re going to use it for. As they come in very different sizes, being clear about how you’ll use the van will make deciding on the size of the interior you need easier.

The smallest of the Citroen range is the Nemo. With a useful length of 2.5m when the passenger seat’s folded down, you might just about squeeze in a ladder . What’s certain is that its 2.8m3 volume will fit in quite a few parcels. They can be relatively heavy too as the Nemo can take a payload of 660kg.

Needing something larger but still more car-like than van-like? How about the Berlingo? Its flexible space can be used for lengths of up to 3.25m and its spacious 4.1m3 volume means it would be ideal for your tools too. Though you could go further, two standard pallets can easily be placed in its load space .

Bigger you say. Well then there’s the recently released Dispatch. An altogether bigger van, it comes in three different lengths from 4.6m to 5.3m, providing up to 4m of useful length. With a useful volume of 6.6m3 the Dispatch can comfortably carry weights of up to 1,400kg .

The largest of the Citroen vans is the Relay. Configured how you need it – the van comes in four different lengths and three different heights – the Relay is a powerhouse of a van. With wide loading spaces of over 1.4m on the side and almost 1.87m at the rear, the Relay has up to 17m3 of space – that’s six times the Nemo. With optional extras including sat nav and reversing camera, the Relay could be ideal for your business needs.

How do I insure a Citroen van?

If you have a Citroen van or you’re are thinking of getting one, you'll need to consider what kind of insurance you’ll be taking out to cover it.

A basic third party policy provides the minimum level required by law. It will cover you if you injure someone, or cause damage to their vehicle or property but it won’t cover any damage to your Citroen. A better bet may be a fully comprehensive policy which covers your Citroen too. As with any policy – read the terms and conditions carefully before you purchase a policy.

Assuming your van is for business use, you'll need to reflect that on your policy – without it your insurance could be invalidated if you need to make a claim.

How much does it cost to insure a Citroen van?

Our experts have been busy and we can tell you what prices we’re seeing at the moment for van cover. Remember, these are averages, your own cost will depend on factors specific to you.**

Berlingo -  £606.20
Dispatch - £570.31
Relay - £810.50
Nemo - £656.93
C - £263.69
C2 - £318.19
C15D - £254.08

**Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.

How can I compare Citroen Van insurance?

Trawling through lots of insurance providers to find the right Citroen van insurance can be a bit of a chore, particularly if you haven’t bought it yet.

We’re here to make life easier. Let us do the leg work for you. We'll compare Citroen van insurance from many different insurance providers. Just enter a few details about yourself and the van you want to insure and we'll list a selection of Citroen van insurance quotes for you to look through.

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